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Get your Retirement back on track: Hong Kuang Commodities

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As you approach your 60th year, you look forward to those years when you will enjoy your retirement. But when reality sets in, the time needed to prepare financially runs out, especially if you have a serious shortage of funds for retirement. A study by the Fidelity Research Institute showed that the average 50-something is capable of replacing only 55% of their income with savings, social security and pension-income, leaving a 45% shortfall and very little time to address the deficit. For many, that requires putting in extra years of work until they are no longer capable physically or mentally.


For many who are 50-something, their shortfall in retirement savings is not completely caused by a lack of planning. Many of them lost much of their savings during the recent financial crash in 2008 and 2009. Then, they were forced to take on a higher risk-profile than they should to try to compensate for their losses, which failed as planned for many, further aggravating the set-back in savings.


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